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DOVE CAPITAL ADVISORS, INC. has the most updated resources, process and procedures in place to confirm the most accurate and up to date information, concerning 1031 tax deferred exchanges, which is important because of continuously changing legislation.

Currently, there are large number investors whom are deferring the tax basis by exchanging into like-kind properties. In addition to the low return on alternative invests, this can be a primary reason for increased demand for investment property. Without the tax exchange process, the number of buyers in the market would decrease dramatically.

An informed investor makes an wise business decision by having all the critical information. DOVE Capital Advisors, Inc. gives the investors all the information they need to make the appropriate and best business decision. This information would include, but not limit.

  • Amount of taxes to be paid

  • Return on adjusted basis

  • Return, Net Present Value and leveraged and non-leveraged analysis

In other words, knowing what the buyer’s tax basis against the gain accomplished through a leveraged or non-leveraged property, gives the investor the appropriate information on how to proceed with purchasing. Selling investment properties using this concept gives the purchaser’s more confidence in the decision making process.

Finally, knowing the external factors that influence the exchange market is critical in the decision making process. The factors that external influences would include, but not limit, investment housing market prices, legislation, and alternative market conditions.

This information was intended to give a brief overview of the elements that influence the process, procedures, and protocols at DOVE Capital Advisors, Inc. At all times, all investors should consult with your legal and accounting advisor before making decisions on tax deferred exchanges.