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DOVE CAPITAL ADVISORS, INC. has experience with anchored retail investment property. These types of properties are typically limited to a buyer pool consisting of large family trust, elite private wealthy investors, institutional investors, or tenant in common investors (TIC). This form of investment also requires a more formal analysis of the property, which might include Argus analysis, 10-year cash flow, NPV, and IRR analysis. We have the capacity and capability of performing this analysis before, during and after the marketing process.

In addition to these important aspects of analysis, these types of properties are typically strongly guarded on the basis of the credit and structure of the anchor tenantís lease, which includes, but is not limited to, remaining term, rent structure, reimbursement structure, competing clauses, and requirements set upon Landlord for operation. In addition, demographic market, geographical location, physical condition of the improvements, traffic counts and access, rent comparables, visibility assessments and changing demographic information are critical elements for investors.

DOVE CAPITAL ADVISORS, INC. has a history of information and understanding in evaluating other major retailers make in a Market, which helps sustain the trade area, along with the investment other real estate developers and / or managers of assets create or , such as homes, apartments, office buildings, etc.







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