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DOVE CAPITAL ADVISORS, INC. represents investors and financial institutions in the disposition or acquisition of retail assets. The expertise in assets includes:

  • Single Tenant, which includes Ground Leases, Net-Leased Properties, and Triple-Net Leased Properties

  • Unanchored Shopping Centers, which includes lifestyle shopping centers, shadow anchored shopping centers, and neighborhood shopping centers.

  • Anchored Shopping Centers, which includes Grocery Anchored, One to Two Big box tenants associated with a Shop retail space

    This firm has several different aspects that create value for our clients. Here is a short list of a few categories that our clients have found to be most helpful.

    MARKET & PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE - Understanding the different factors that affect the price of an investment property is critical. Additionally, knowledge of how to access the buyers that pay the highest price at the best terms should also be a determining factor when selecting a broker to sell your property. Accessing a larger number of buyers, without restrictions, increases the probability of reaching the goal for a seller. Equally, a buyer needs to access a wider range of properties to increase the probability of paying a price that makes since for that buyer. Accessing these properties or buyers requires relationships with brokers on a regional and national basis. We work hard to cooperate with other brokers because it gives our clients the highest probability of success. There are more than approximately eighty percent of all real estate brokers either work for themselves or work in small brokerage houses. Additional market factors include understanding and access to market interest rates, the banking investor’s expectations and the relationships that make them happen. Knowing these factors insures the probability of closing the property in a timely manner, as well as avoiding fallout from contractual obligations.

    QUALIFYING THE PRODUCT & PLAYERS - One of the most under rated aspects of the brokerage industry is qualifying both the property as an investment and the people whom are involved in the transaction. Not knowing how to select the right firms or people can lead to long painful process. Additionally, not properly qualifying a property as an investment can lead to a time wasted with everyone whom might be involved.

    MANAGEMENT OF THE PROCESS - Each real estate transaction is a project that requires a systematic approach and process. While each asset and personality is uniquely different, managing the process of acquiring or disposing a property requires direction, a process and procedures. A systematic approach of brokerage decreases the probability of having issues.



  • DOVE Capital Advisors, Inc. provides innovative solutions to investors who have Shopping Centers and Single Tenant properties. These solutions include but are not limited to: decisions on procurement & disposition, capital investment, construction advisement, development advisement, leasing decisions, and product placement. Additionally, this firm utilizes its existing and future relationships with clients to create strategic partnerships for the purpose of creating an equity position in a portfolio. Please feel free to visit our Mission Statement or the Letter from the President.



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