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DOVE CAPITAL ADVISORS, INC. has experience with marketing a variety of different single tenant investment properties, along with a variety of different retailers. We have worked on properties across the southeast United States, from Texas to Washington DC. This includes experience and specialization with assets that hold lease terms associated with:

  • Ground Leased Properties

  • Net-Leased Properties, and

  • True Triple-Net Properties (NNN)

With the emergence of the 1031 Exchange, as well as a growing number of older private investors, single tenant property is likely the most sought after retail investment property. There are a number of factors that have contributed to the increase demand in this category of investment property. Among other factors, investment alternatives are less attractive due to stability; these alternatives would include, but not limit, equities market, bonds, and national treasuries. Additionally, the low maintenance of these properties enables a wider range of investors to hold assets without having to be concerned about distance from property, maintenance, insurance, or taxes (depending on the structure of the lease); i.e. out of area buyers are able to invest without the everyday concerns of a normal property investment. Due to the low dollar amount of a typically single tenant property, larger number buyers can afford to own such properties.

Single tenant properties are common for Bank Institutions, Drug Stores, Auto Part Retailers, Quick Service Restaurants, and Sit-down Restaurants. The factors that effect price of these types of properties include structure of lease, market demand, number of quality properties on the market, geographic location (sub market demographics and position within market), and the credit rating of the tenant (includes, but is not limited to, market share, rating by the Standard & Poor’s, and other public ratings).

Any time you might consider making an investment in commercial real estate, you should consult with legal counsel and a professional accountant.



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